DISH selects Aviat for 5G microwave wireless transport

Pete Smith of Aviat Networks

Aviat Networks, Inc., announced that has selected Aviat as a key supplier of 5G microwave transport. DISH will deploy Aviat’s hardware and software solutions to enable a high-capacity 5G microwave wireless transport network and will procure these solutions from the Aviat Store ecommerce platform.

Aviat’s value proposition for DISH includes products like the single box multi-band solution, highest system gain radios for optimum capacity, and radios with integrated software defined networking (SDN) capabilities.

Jeff McSchooler

“Aviat will play a central role in helping us utilise microwave, which has become a highly sought-after component of the wireless transport mix,” says Jeff McSchooler, DISH executive vice president of wireless network operations. “This microwave-based solution will help deliver the midhaul and backhaul connectivity we need, while excelling in affordability, reliability and resilience.”

“The 5G wireless transport market is expected to grow exponentially to over $1B (€0.83B)in 2023, and microwave will play a critical role in this growth. Despite common perception, it’s not just about fibre,” says Jimmy Yu, vice president, Dell’Oro Group.

Jimmy Yu

“We have the best microwave solutions on the market today,” stated Pete Smith, president and CEO, Aviat Networks. “Being selected as a key wireless transport supplier by a technology innovator like DISH validates our position as a leader in wireless backhaul solutions for 5G networks.

As 5G networks migrate to O-RAN, operators are able to choose the best-in-class backhaul vendor. As the leading specialist, the evolution to O-RAN creates exciting 5G opportunities for Aviat.”

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