Verizon and Eseye help customers localise US IoT devices

A new Internet of Things (IoT) partnership aims to enable Eseye and Verizon customers with global IoT deployments to localise devices over-the-air to the Verizon network.

This avoids permanent roaming issues in the United States and delivers reliable and eUICC compliant global IoT connectivity.

Global IoT connectivity provider, Eseye, has partnered with Verizon, one of the USA 4G LTE mobile network operator (MNO), enabling IoT customers around the world to localise devices over-the-air onto the Verizon network utilising an eUICC-compliant approach to ensure IoT devices stay connected wherever they are located.

The partnership gives both Eseye and Verizon customers the ability to connect and, where appropriate, localise their IoT devices to the widest range of global networks, on power up, via Eseye’s AnyNet intelligent IoT connectivity platform, which provides near 100% uptime globally.

Eseye’s growing global network of direct interconnects with mobile network operators (MNOs), which now includes Verizon in the USA, provides the ability to localise a device to the network in a specific region. Each customer IoT device deployed in the US will now be able to localise traffic directly onto the Verizon network, helping customers to end permanent roaming issues and improve latency speeds for a superior quality of service.

Eseye achieves this through its unique AnyNet+ SIM, which is fully eUICC-compliant and allows IoT devices to switch seamlessly between networks when required, as directed by its intelligent IoT connectivity management platform.

This advanced eUICC approach vastly simplifies the challenges of implementing global IoT deployment, accelerates the time to deliver business value, and futureproofs the solution as devices can be localised over the air at a later date if an interconnect becomes available for a specific country.

Nick Earle

Nick Earle, CEO of Eseye, comments, “This is a significant partnership which marks a watershed moment for global IoT connectivity. We’re delighted to be able to extend our global IoT network to include Verizon to enhance IoT solution capabilities for our global customers. Having the ability to localise devices in the US is a critical issue for customers around the world. The partnership with Verizon is an important step forward for the successful delivery of IoT globally.”

“The problem of permanent roaming has been a significant barrier for customers wanting to deploy reliable IoT solutions on a global scale. Now, Eseye customers can push past this barrier and localise devices seamlessly onto the Verizon network in the USA. At the same time, MNOs benefit from receiving quality traffic to their network. This delivers value to all parties, establishing a commercially beneficial way forward for MNOs and IoT customers alike,” adds Earle.

Verizon has also been added to Eseye’s AnyNet Federation, a worldwide alliance of MNOs that helps to meet the needs of customers to deliver successful IoT projects globally with complete connectivity assurance. Using an intelligent, fully eUICC-compliant Eseye AnyNet Secure® eSIM, traffic can be steered towards AnyNet Federation MNO partners depending on the geographic location of the deployed IoT devices.

Regardless of which AnyNet Federation partner delivers the IoT connectivity service, the customer receives one contract, one management view of their entire global IoT estate, and one single point of support.

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