Smart Meters Report: Smart utilities target more than metering


Meters used to be focused only on counting consumption. As such, they were a cost for utilities, but a smart meter can not only provide much richer consumption and generation information but also enable the business cases of partners.

George Malim reports on smart meter developments and uptake and finds there are new opportunities for utilities to make money from their meters.

Inside this report:

  • What is smart metering?
  • How will sustainable energy impact smart metering?
  • How new consumer demands and sustainability are affecting electricity, gas and water
  • Smart meter market overview, predictions and projections
  • A look at Global smart meter rollouts and shipments
  • How Apps and Advanced Metering Infrastructure is opening up new service opportunities
  • The emergence of a smart meter industry and challenges for device makers
  • How to choose the right connectivity for your smart metering solution based on cost, security, coverage and power usage

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