Tesco network celebrates qualities it brings to mobile with campaign launch

The ‘Supermarket Mobile’ campaign rolled out last weekend across TV, out-of-home (OOH), public relations and social media, bringing to life all the ways that Tesco Mobile says it brings the best of Tesco to its network.

The through-the-line campaign aims to connect with Tesco shoppers, highlighting all the unbeatable perks having your phone with the supermarket brings, including frozen contract prices, everyday value on the latest mobile phones, tech and wearables, as well as family perks and being able to help put food on the table with Clubcard Plus.

Tesco has experienced a resurgence over the past six years. The supermarket now sits ahead of its big four competitors for customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and buzz – and Tesco Mobile is bringing those ‘little helps’ to its customers.

Rachel Swift, Tesco Mobile CMO, says, “Our campaign showcases the wonderful things that happen when Tesco and mobile come together.  We want to show customers all we have to offer things they can’t get from other networks such as incomparable value and being treated like family, not just a number. We’re different to the other mobile networks and this campaign demonstrates our pride in that difference.”

The advert, created by BBH, follows a shopper as they explore the aisles of the ‘Tesco Mobile Supermarket’ a fictional store where each unique network benefit is represented as a classic supermarket landmark.

The shopper enters the store and heads to the bakery, where value is ‘baked in’, through the ‘fresh deals’ section, then to the ‘frozen aisle’, indicative of the network’s frozen contract prices and ends at the checkout where the shopper receives a discount on groceries thanks to Clubcard Plus. 

Lawrence Bushell, Creative at BBH says, “For years, Tesco Mobile has been seen as a bit of an outlier what’s a supermarket doing running a mobile network? We wanted to change perceptions and turn being a supermarket in the mobile space into a strength.”

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