The critical role of wireless connectivity for public EV charging points


Governments are mandating zero carbon emission targets, which require mass adoption of electric vehicles.

To meet targets, costs need to come down and charging issues must be addressed. This will require a massive increase in the number of charge points over the next decade to keep pace with sales of EVs (electric vehicles).

As electric vehicles and public charging points grow and become a critical resource so will the need for highly reliable connectivity, networks that can scale and cover hundreds of different locations and tens of thousands of charge points.

This report explores the critical role of wireless connectivity for public EV charging points:

Inside this analyst report:

  • An overview of the major market stages of public EV charging
  • How CPOs (charge point operators) can keep up with consumer demand
  • Why range anxiety is a real challenge and how it is being addressed
  • A look at wireless electric vehicle charging services for CPOs
  • How to avoid connectivity issues and ensure real-time information at charge points
  • How eSIM and a simple-to-use management platform will allow CPOs to track usage, costs and trends


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