How to co-ordinate patient healthcare with connected medical devices

The pandemic has had a major impact in accelerating and shaping the changes that will transform the healthcare landscape far into the future.

Investment in new technologies, applications and devices that assist in fighting infections, improving social care, helping citizens lead healthy lives and avoid hospitalisation is progressing rapidly.

Using connected medical devices to monitor the patient’s journey through the healthcare system will aid the transition of today’s healthcare from a sporadic and reactive approach to a preventive and results-based one, improving patient outcomes and service performance across the board.

Inside this report, Beecham Research explores how to co-ordinate patient healthcare with connected medical devices.

Inside this exclusive analyst report:

  • The benefits of monitoring the patient care journey with connected devices
  • Six stages of the patient care journey with connected devices enabling treatment
  • What are the challenges associated with connected medical devices?
  • A look at the typical healthcare system pain points across the world
  • Explore China Mobile International’s comprehensive Smart Healthcare Solution
  • Smart devices for home environment and health management
  • Research directions and new possibilities with IoT, 5G, Digital Twins and AI


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