Software AG selects MachNation performance testing solution as it focuses on resilient IoT

Steve Hilton, MachNation

Enterprise software and digital services provider Software AG has selected new IoT performance testing software to conduct IoT performance testing and tuning of Cumulocity IoT.

Internet of Things (IoT) performance testing allows enterprises to simulate their IoT solutions (for example, fleet management, connected building management systems, smart parking solutions, etc.) at high scale. It allows enterprises to simulate thousands or millions of IoT devices and have those devices stream data into an IoT platform to ensure that the end-to-end IoT solution can meet service level agreements (SLAs) at scale.

MIT-E Performance (Pf) is the most recent solution to be offered from MachNation’s MIT-E test lab. MIT-E Pf , a flexible, cost-effective, and IoT-centric product for performance testing will be used to independently verify the performance and reliability of IoT solutions created on Cumulocity IoT.

The relationship builds on a longstanding partnership between the companies, which includes IoT capability and usability benchmarking in MachNation’s IoT platform test lab and ongoing strategic and business support.

Dr. Jurgen Kramer, general manager IoT & analytics at Software AG, says, “Software AG is delighted to provide its customers with highly reliable and resilient connected solutions. IoT performance testing is one way we ensure the quality of our software. We chose MachNation MIT-E Pf because of its innovative technology and ability to do high-scale testing along with the deep IoT knowledge of MachNation’s testing team.”

Steve Hilton, president of MachNation adds, “We are proud to have partnered with Software AG for many years and to have earned the opportunity to provide Software AG with some of the newest performance testing technology and services for IoT. Using MIT-E Pf, we work with our customers to test and tune their IoT platforms and end-to-end customer solutions. This allows them to offer exceptional IoT solutions to their customers.”

IoT providers like Software AG conduct performance testing to allow them to improve the reliability, quality, and scalability of their IoT platforms. It aims to ensure that their customers are delighted with their IoT solutions long before their customers have millions of IoT devices on their IoT solutions.

Why is IoT performance testing more important now?

According to MachNation, enterprises are conducting performance testing, because IoT is moving into the mainstream for enterprises. And as enterprises are deploying more and more IoT solutions at scale, they need to reduce the risks of having IoT software and platforms that “fail at scale”.

Since it’s impractical to connect 1 million IoT devices (or even 10,000 devices) in a lab to an IoT platform and test performance, companies like MachNation offer products like MIT-E Pf to simulate IoT devices at scale and test typical IoT workflows like data ingestion, digital twin updates, firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) updates, and more.

MIT-E Pf is software built by MachNation to test and validate the performance and scalability of IoT platforms and solutions for enterprises, service providers, and IoT platform vendors. Built using a serverless, infrastructure-as-code architecture, MIT-E Pf allows users to test the full IoT device lifecycle by simulating extremely realistic, bi-directional IoT devices at scale and providing highly granular output metrics.

MachNation’s engineers and testers supplement our customers’ IoT performance testing teams while leveraging the flexible and powerful attributes of MIT-E Pf.

MachNation is dedicated to testing and benchmarking IoT platforms, solutions, and services. MachNation owns and runs MachNation IoT Test Environment (MIT-E), said to be the independent, hands-on, benchmarking lab for IoT platforms. MachNation testers, developers, and analysts provide guidance to industrial enterprises, IT vendors, and communication service providers.

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