ZEDEDA signs strategic OEM supplier agreement with Agora

Sujit Kumar of Agora Venture

ZEDEDA, the provider in orchestration for the distributed edge, announced an integration with Agora that provides customers in the oil and gas and renewable energy industries with full lifecycle management capabilities for their edge deployments as part of Agora’s overall IoT solution portfolio.

The ability to pull timely actionable insights from edge environments like oil rigs, wells, refineries, wind turbines and solar farms can potentially save millions of dollars by reducing equipment failure and safety issues, in addition to maintaining regulatory compliance.

However, these environments are often very remote locations and may have limited staff on site. Data-centre orchestration solutions are not applicable because of cost, footprint, security and scale requirements, plus they require IT skills not often available in the field. Addressing these challenges requires tools specifically architected to simplify managing and securing remote edge infrastructure at scale.

ZEDEDA brings to the strategic partnership virtualisation, remote management and orchestration of Agora’s IoT edge stack and legacy software loads at scale while eliminating security vulnerabilities and maximising uptime, efficiency and ROI.

An unparalleled out-of-box experience means no IT expertise is required in the field for customers to deploy any app on any edge hardware, including the Agora platform. This zero-touch deployment and provisioning greatly simplify connecting to the Agora edge AI and IoT platform and any other desired cloud or on-premises system securely to start realising business value.

“This partnership capitalises on the strengths of both companies,” says ZEDEDA founder and CEO Said Ouissal. “Agora has years of domain expertise in optimising operational efficiency and productivity in the oil and gas and renewable energy industry, while ZEDEDA’s infrastructure foundation delivers flexibility and interoperability for customers to future-proof their deployments.”

Said Ouissal

ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution helps energy customers update their operations so they can run legacy workloads such as SCADA, DCS, HMI and Historian alongside modern containerised applications such as AI and ML.

The solution leverages the open-source EVE-OS from the Linux Foundation, which prevents vendor lock-in and unifies an open ecosystem of hardware, software and services. Security is at the forefront of every deployment, backed by ZEDEDA’s zero trust security model spanning silicon to cloud. This gives customers the confidence to connect edge assets to Agora’s platform and any other required on-prem or cloud-based backend. 

“Together, Agora and ZEDEDA are enabling oilfield operators to increase the sustainability of operations by reducing the carbon footprint and minimising health and safety risks while also improving production and lowering operating costs,” says Sujit Kumar, director of Agora Venture. “Using AI, data, and domain science, we’re creating an intelligent computing layer around legacy equipment on the operational site itself.”

As a preferred ZEDEDA partner, Agora will sell and deliver ZEDEDA’s orchestration solution through its Agora Marketplace, an ecosystem of oil and gas applications enabling operators to harness the power of edge intelligence from desktop or mobile-based devices.

Contact Agora or ZEDEDA to learn more and explore how the joint solution can help you address business challenges in your energy operations.

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