Will LoRaWAN’s diverse ecosystem lead to private network success?


Much of the excitement around private networks, owned and operated by organisations on behalf of their businesses, rather than public networks provided by telecoms network operators that can be accessed by any customer, has been focused on the imminent arrival of 5G.

However, even though private, standalone networks will lead the 5G charge, for many IoT applications the benefits aren’t needed, cost is too high and configuration too complex.

What’s needed, writes IoT Now managing editor George Malim, is simple to buy, configure and operate wireless connectivity that can meet the needs of IoT applications in terms of cost, device density, throughput and security.

Enter LoRaWAN as an alternative to 5G.

Inside this exclusive IoT Now report:

  • George Malim explores how a network-in-a-box is powering private IoT networks
  • Marc Pégulu, the vice president of IoT product marketing and strategy for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group, explains how LoRaWAN can provide geolocation for IoT devices

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