Rugged edge computing is top IIoT and AI engineering challenge, says Premio

Rugged edge computing has been cited as a top engineering challenge for embedded designers bringing advanced automation applications to heavy industrial environments. This is the verdict of Premio Inc., an edge to cloud global ODM/OEM solutions provider in industrial computing technology.

While these emerging applications open a new realm of IoT integration and automation capabilities, development requires a strong understanding of the critical considerations that ensure durable, reliable computer performance suited to handle the algorithms that drive inference computing for machine intelligence.

Premio’s virtual deep dive into this engineering challenge, “The Rugged Edge Survival Guide,” is slated for Friday, June 11th, 2021, at 11:30 AM Pacific (click here to register).

“Smarter IoT applications are needed everywhere, even in the harshest and most remote mobile industrial settings, but they require specialised hardware that can consolidate workloads effectively and deliver powerful data processing, storage, and connectivity. That is the rugged edge, a unique place where data is the new gold but only if you can mine it,” says Dustin Seetoo, director of product marketing, Premio.

“To break new ground in these rigorous environments, rugged, high-reliability embedded computers must efficiently pass data back and forth to the core capitalising on reduced latency, accelerated processing, and increased data storage capacity right where it is needed. It’s a convergence of the latest IoT technologies from compute, storage, connectivity, and ruggedisation based on specific design principles that enable systems to survive and thrive at the rugged edge.”

Premio’s Rugged Edge Survival Guide Virtual Event will demonstrate the compute and architecture features required for rugged edge performance, powerful enough to run complex vision algorithms and consolidate workloads that resemble data centre computing.

This free online event is an interactive forum featuring customer success stories including Industry 4.0 overhauls; smart facility transformations; power, storage, and connectivity closer to the source of data generation; and proven data centre architectures performing at the edge. Attendees will also receive Premio’s Rugged Edge Survival Guide eBook, detailing rugged edge computing and strategies for getting past the automation roadblocks common to the production or manufacturing floor.

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