Diehl Metering launches a IoT network planning service

The Internet of Things is transforming businesses, cities and industries everywhere. By enabling multiple remote devices to communicate and exchange data, it has the power to exploit interconnected technology to the full. Its data-driven insights can help create new business opportunities, predict trends to improve customer reactivity, and vastly improve monitoring and maintenance to drive network performance.

However, planning an IoT network requires a series of technical choices. What technology should they select to get precisely the information they need as often as they need it? How can they combine a robust, high-performance infrastructure with seamless connectivity and the right range? And which protocols and standards will ensure their network thrives long into the future? Answering these questions can be a complex process.

That’s why Diehl Metering is launching a new IoT network planning service. Aimed at decision-makers looking to develop a large-scale IoT network, the service focuses on the planning stage of the project. This is when crucial decisions must be taken that define the network’s possibilities for years to come – making it essential to be well-informed and well-supported right from the outset.

Unlike most similar services, Diehl Metering’s IoT network planning service comes with a promise of independence from the company’s own technologies, products and solutions. Instead, it focuses on identifying and planning the IoT network best suited for each customer’s specific needs and use cases

Step-by-step support

Through workshops with expert technicians, participants learn the ins and outs of standards like NB-IoT, Sigfox, LoRaWAN and mioty. They get a full understanding of the essentials for building robust IoT networks, as well as new business models. And they are offered key insights into the potential for creating new and more sustainable services.

Working with IoT specialists, customers will build a complete picture of where they are, where they want to go, and how they can get there. Diehl Metering’s team of experts has extensive experience in the field, having implemented hundreds of successful IoT projects. They have also been instrumental in developing mioty, a protocol for massive IoT.

The right choices for future success

Through Diehl Metering’s IoT network planning service, decision-makers can create a personal roadmap for their IoT network. The program empowers participants to make risk-free decisions about technology, to simplify budget planning, and optimise total cost of investment.

Above all, it allows cities, utilities and companies to plan a fully-compliant and future-proof network that is aligned with their individual wishes, needs and expectations, both now and in the future. And if participants need support to successfully implement their network after the program, they can choose to continue working with Diehl Metering as their partner.

Ultimately, a well-planned IoT network opens up a world of opportunities for customers, offering them the potential to be more reactive, more sustainable, and more user-focused.

For more detailed information about IoT Network Planning Service visit here.

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