Commit buys Israeli tech firm ITSoft to bolster its team-building model and cloud of people

Commit, a global technology services company focused on custom software and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, is reportedly expanding through the acquisition of ITSoft.

ITSoft is an Israeli-founded tech firm providing software development services worldwide. It is planned that ITSoft will significantly reinforce Commit’s growing global presence, adding more than 150 software development specialists to Commit’s international roster of tech development experts. The acquisition value has been estimated at US$3 million (€2.54 million).

Founded in 2013, ITSoft provides offshore software development services to high-tech companies and start-ups worldwide. The company has created a unique recruitment model, which enables the formation of technological teams in quick periods, significantly reducing the time and costs of development projects. ITSoft provides expertise across a variety of fields, including BackEnd, FrontEnd, DevOps and QA Automation, and its portfolio consists of customers such as Cibus Sodexo, Jfrog, TytoCare, Radwin and Microsoft.

“Our business has grown more than 50% in recent months, causing us to expand and seek new expert partners that are fully accountable, have wide experience in managing talents and technology, and value the models of efficiency that we employ,” says Arik Faingold, president and chairman of Commit.

Arik Faingold

“The acquisition of ITSoft strengthens our ability to continue to provide our unique team building model, whereby we can build professional qualified teams for our customers in less than two weeks and enable them to try a team before they buy it. We have seen dramatically increasing demand for our team building model, and ITSoft is a key ingredient in our ability to successfully deliver it to our customers. That is why they’re the perfect complement to our team and will help us deliver the same end-to-end quality solutions, cost efficiency and flexibility that our customers expect.”

Founded in 2005, Commit provides comprehensive solutions and assistance to start-ups and entrepreneurs, from small to large companies and projects of all sizes. The company offers innovative technological solutions and end-to-end development services by developing custom software and IoT platforms for customers looking to build their first or next product. The company specialises in advanced technologies and applications with dedicated methodologies in the fields of software, SaaS, IoT, Data, Cloud, Cyber, ICT and more.

Since its inception, Commit has led nearly 1,200 computing and development projects for more than 1,000 organisations around the world, and has been a proud partner in advancing the most innovative technologies for companies such as Maytronics, Sapiens, Unitronics, Watergen, and for military and security organisations, financial entities, and more. The company has offices in New York, Israel and Europe, and has about 550 multidisciplinary professionals.

Evgeny Golubov

“Our unique recruitment and retention model allows our customers to shorten recruitment times, recruit motivated quality professionals, save costs and establish technological teams in various models, including a hybrid model with Israeli management,” says Evgeny Golubov, founder and CEO of ITSoft. “In addition, in order to maintain above-average employee retention, we manage expectations for the company and the position. We are happy to team up with Commit to produce the hybrid model, which combines teams from Israel and abroad. We are excited to join the Commit family.”

Commit is a global tech services company with offices in New York, Israel and Ukraine. The company was founded in 2005 and has more than 550 multi-disciplinary innovation experts who serve a broad range of companies from small start-ups to large enterprises in multiple business sectors. Commit specialises in advanced technologies and applications with dedicated practices in Software, IoT, Big Data, Cloud, Cyber and more.

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