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Do you have an existing, innovative IoT business solution that you wish to deploy in the US market? If the answer is yes, register with us, we want to hear from you!

machineQ is a Comcast service that leverages the latest in connected sensor, network and software technologies to securely gather, analyze and deliver actionable intelligence from the physical world enabling smarter business decisions.

If your solution requires modest bandwidth and can benefit from a low-power, low-cost network, just let us know. We are actively reviewing new partner solutions to deploy onto our extensive US based LoRaWan™ IoT network.

If you have an existing solution in any of these market segments noted below, please register with us. We would like to talk to you soon and get more details on your innovation.

• Agriculture
• Consumer Products
• Energy
• Facilities Management
• Healthcare
• Public Sector & Infrastructure
• Retail
• Sustainability
• Transportation & Supply Chain
• Water Management

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