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CES Preview / Consumer IoT Summit

December 8

CES Preview / Consumer IoT Summit

Session 1: Healthcare IoT: Wearables, Apps, and more

Global IoT spending in the healthcare sector is expected by some to reach USD $158 billion in 2022, and wearable (and even ingestible!) technology and wellness apps are at the forefront of this growth, but IoT’s influence on healthcare is now much deeper. Widespread use of remote patient monitoring and electronic health records is allowing caregivers to use predictive analytics to provide personalized guidance and use assets more efficiently. The biggest challenge might be data privacy and security.

Session 2: IoT Brings Sustainability to Public Grids

Innovative IoT technologies are enabling businesses and communities to execute on a myriad of sustainability initiatives. The integration of IoT into home and community solar energy systems helps these systems more effectively manage and stabilize the local grid. IoT sensors help conserve water use and manage sewer/waste systems more efficiently. Air-quality networks help to mitigate public health risks, enhance traffic planning, and encourage carpooling. This session will explore the ways IoT is making sustainability initiatives more effective, and will be moderated by Benson Chan Chair of the NIST IoT Advisory Board that will direct much US government spending.

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