The Power and Potential of Private Networks for IIoT

The market for private networks is diverse and the potential is huge.

From across the business landscape more than 70% of enterprises are investing in industrial IoT in order to gain a competitive edge - and private networks use that edge.

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Private, 5G-ready 4.9G networks are the next generation of industrial-strength wireless technologies and they are available now. They already provide the control, security and agility that industries need to get their Industry 4.0 transformation underway, and they will continue to play a key role as 5G is introduced to handle the most demanding use cases as they develop.

What's inside?

Private networking is a hot topic. It meets the market need for secure, mission critical IoT communications and complements another, more recent development: edge computing.

In a nutshell, edge computing generates massive amounts of actionable, real-time intelligence, much of which may be confidential. Private networking ringfences this precious resource: communications are secure because the information stays on site.

  • The three most popular private network deployment options

  • Explore the private wireless spectrum options on offer worldwide

  • How to deploy a robust, cost-effective private network solution for IIoT

  • A look at the limitations of Wi-Fi networks for IIoT applications

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About the authors

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Robin Duke-Woolley

CEO, Beecham Research Ltd.

Founder and CEO of Beecham Research. Specialising in market analysis and strategy consulting in the M2M/IoT Connected Devices market since 2001.

Bob Emmerson

Bob Emmerson

Freelance Writer

Bob Emmerson is a freelance writer as well as the technology editor of Beecham Research.

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