Minimise IoT project risks with future-proof IoT device management

Minimise IoT project risks with future-proof IoT device management

AVSystem’s webinar will tackle the topic of IoT device management and its role in ensuring a successful IoT deployment.

The session will cover both the fundamentals of IoT device management as well as go into a deeper dive of common industry challenges regarding security and interoperability. Special focus will be put on the role of leveraging industry standards and ensuring future-proof scalability of IoT deployments.

We will also provide an overview of AVSystem’s IoT device management portfolio and point out open-source solutions that help developers speed up the time to market of their IoT solutions. The webinar will be beneficial for leaders in any IoT-related industry that are looking to maximise the success of their IoT deployment.

Attend this webinar if you want to:

  • Learn why you have to ensure a single pane of glass approach to IoT device management problems
  • Find out how you can start your IoT device management project right by thinking about standards and interoperability
  • Get to know the fundamentals of a good IoT device management solution
  • Discover key considerations for preventing security issues
  • Get to know how AVSystem’s Coiote IoT Device Management platform and Anjay LwM2M SDK can help speed up and simplify your IoT deployment

Duration: 60 min.


Marcin Nagy

Marcin Nagy
Product Director for IoT

His primary areas of interest and expertise include information security, distributed systems and real-time communication systems. Before joining AV System, he was the VP of Engineering in, the pioneering WebRTC diagnostics and analytics company, which he co-founded. In parallel to his industrial life, he is active in the academic world. For his research in the area of security and usability in opportunistic networks, he was awarded the Doctor of Science degree from the Aalto University, Finland. During his university time, he spent a year as a research intern in the Nokia Research Center. Marcin is an author of 2 US patents.

William Yan

William Yan
President, Americas

An industry veteran, William L. Yan has played key executive roles at both emerging and well-established companies on a global scale. Working extensively with telecom and broadband service providers, he has built core domain expertise in the telecom/broadband network management area, especially OSS/BSS and Service Management platforms. William Yan’s current ventures include spearheading AVSystem’s innovative IoT technology platform, enabling Services Providers and Enterprise to deploy a multitude of IoT services including Device Management, Asset Tracking, Telemetry, and OTA services.

Jeremy Cowan
Editorial Director & Publisher
IoT Now & VanillaPlus

Jeremy Cowan is Editorial Director of the publishing group that has specialised in IT, Hi-Tech and Communications for 19 years. The group includes the international titles,,, which focus on the Internet of Things and its impact on businesses and consumers, as well as, the leading business information resource for Communication Service Providers and Network Operators worldwide.