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July 7, 2015

Vodafone Barometer shows growth of M2M with projects live at 37% of firms within two years

London, UK. July 7, 2015 — Vodafone today published its third annual M2M Barometer Report, a global survey of the machine-to-machine (M2M) sector. The survey is based on interviews with 659 executives in 16 countries.

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July 1, 2015

Consumer-focused website launched at European Sustainable Energy Week

Europe’s consumers are increasingly presented with the opportunity to play an active role in a more sustainable energy system where efficiency, decarbonisation and renewable energy are central drivers. 

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June 16, 2015

451 Research says Wearables moving from niche consumer interest to the enterprise

New York-based 451 Research, an IT research and advisory company, has determined that cellular/mobile Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) connections will increase nearly fourfold globally from 252 million in 2014 to 908 million in 2019.

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June 5, 2015

European think tank IDATE identifies major disruptions in telecoms, internet and TV

Over the past 15 years, IDATE’s DigiWorld Yearbook has become a regular information source, analysing developments that have shaped telecoms, internet and the media, identifying global trends and giving guidance on what lies ahead.

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May 10, 2015

How the IoT is keeping drivers informed, entertained and safe

The Connected Car, Fleet Management and Telematics Until teleportation finally arrives – or fleets of delivery drones – M2M has a critical role to play in keeping our roads and vehicles running smoothly and safely. In a report specially commissioned by M2M Now, Jeremy Green of Machina Research examines this multi-faceted market..

The Transport and Telematics sector is the [...]

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February 18, 2015

Shipments of NFC-ready POS terminals reached 9.5 million in 2014

According to a new research report from Berg Insight, the market for NFC-ready POS terminals continued to show strong momentum in 2014 with annual shipments reaching an estimated 9.5 million units worldwide. The attach rate for NFC was highest in EU28+2 and North America, where 80 percent and 75 percent respectively of the POS terminals shipped featured NFC.

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January 5, 2015

The State of the Connected Factory

Products are becoming more complex and unique, requiring significant changes to existing mass  production techniques. Global competition is pressing manufacturers to minimise or eliminate nonvalue – added activities and maximise uptime as well as reduce time-to-market in order to deliver  customised products that appeal to a wider customer base. Most of the advances in efficiency [...]

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December 10, 2014

Changing IoT security from an inhibitor to an enabler

Security often inhibits the sales process for embedded device OEMs. Customers don’t buy a product because it’s secure, they buy it because it does something they want it to do. From the customer’s point of view, as well as that of many salespeople, security is all downside risk that doesn’t contribute to the benefits of a product. However, with properly designed products, security can be [...]

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October 14, 2014

IoT is not being secured for the long term, says Beecham Research report

There is growing concern within the IoT sector that security demands our urgent attention if the industry is to avert a crisis in confidence. Unless the Internet of Things (IoT ) is made secure from end-to-end for all users, both at consumer and enterprise levels, we risk seeing IoT appearing in disaster headlines that will undermine its success before it is even widely adopted.

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September 22, 2014

‘What do we know about Apple Pay?’ asks UL

Apple has announced Apple Pay as their mobile payment solution. In this paper UL, the safety science company, describe what they know about Apple Pay in both technical and organisational context, as well as what questions still remain to be answered.



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Quickfire Interview with EMnify on Overcoming the Key Challenges of Deploying Multinational Connected Solutions

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