Matthew Wopata
IoT Analytics

By 2020, approximately 50% of industrial assets in factories will be connected. As we head into a new decade, the clear lines between the five layers of industrial connectivity architecture have become more blurred than ever before.

Early adopters of new industrial connectivity technologies and protocols are creating new data collection architectures that challenge the five-layer architecture status quo and promise to usher in a new era of more scalable, cost effective and purpose-built industrial connectivity solutions.

Recent research reveals the six key industrial connectivity trends shaking up the industry.

Read this exclusive analyst report from IoT Analytics to learn:

  • Market projections – Which of the fastest-growing segments will take an increasing share of the spend by 2024?
  • The battle between industrial connectivity vendors fighting for market share escalates
  • 3 new technologies are upsetting the traditional five-layer stack
  • Will software-based solutions enable SME’s to surpass traditional industrial incumbents?
  • What are the new and emerging industrial connectivity protocols?
  • Private 5G networks for industrial environments are on the rise
  • Case study – A bin with a brain: The smart biowaste management solution powered by IoT

Register here to find out what’s driving IT-OT convergence, it’s a ‘must read’ for industrial asset operators and manufacturers moving into 2020.

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