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June 20, 2016

Augmented and virtual reality in Boston, and autonomous things in Vienna

THE WEEK: Homeward bound from a User Group conference unlike any I’ve attended before, says Jeremy Cowan. This time it was PTC‘s annual thrash in sunny Boston, Massachussetts, for 4,000 of their closest friends.

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January 20, 2016

AR and wearable tech is a marriage made for the enterprise, says Beecham Research

While much of the hype around augmented reality (AR) and wearable devices has been focused on consumer technology, a new report from Beecham Research suggests that it will be business applications that drive growth over the next five years.

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September 29, 2014

Libelium enables smart logistics offering realtime tracking and sensing of goods

Libelium has released new Smart Logistics modules for Waspmote sensor nodes that provide position, sensing and transmission capabilities to enable real time tracking, via 3G, GPS and GPRS. These new modules for Waspmote and Plug & Sense! devices can read geolocation coordinates, collect extra sensor data such as humidity, luminosity, CO, CO2, temperature, or vibration, then send all [...]

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February 19, 2014

Jasper and Axeda join forces to help operators capitalise on the Internet of Things opportunity

Mountain View, California and Foborough, Massachusetts, USA (Business Wire), February 18, 2014 – Jasper Wireless, the leading connected devices platform powering the mobile Internet of Things, and Axeda, the leading cloud-based service and software for connecting, building and managing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, have announced that they have partnered to provide operators with a [...]

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January 16, 2014

On-demand webinar: How to Select the Right Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

If you missed this Axeda M2M webinar there is still a chance to see it in full. Watch and listen to this free webinar as we discuss new challenges to engineering and IT organizations

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January 6, 2014

How to Select the Right Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

Event date: January 15, 2014 Online event 12:30 ET/17:30 GMT

We are rapidly entering a world where almost everything will be connected to the cloud. Managing these connected things, integrating them into the enterprise, and leveraging the data they generate presents new challenges to engineering and IT organizations. Historically, these problems were solved with home-grown custom [...]

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December 6, 2013

Top Wireless Gotchas! Number One: Application development

(Blog) — In this fifth and final post in his blog series, Bill Zujewski specifically explores the challenges of dealing with wireless technology as part of an M2M (machine-to-machine) initiative. Today he looks at data storage and application development.

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May 8, 2013

Aricent the latest to partner with Axeda to offer quicker deployment of M2M solutions

Axeda Connexion 2013, Boston, MA, USA. May 8, 2013 – Aricent®, a global technology innovation and services company, today announced a new partnership with Axeda, a leading M2M  application platform provider. 

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March 8, 2012

Yankee Group report on M2M platforms calls for business model clarity

Boston, Massachusetts, USA — In a new report by Yankee Group entitled ‘M2M Platform Update: 2012 Brings Continued Consolidation’ machine-to-machine (M2M) communications sector analyst, John Keough (pictured) says that the M2M industry has begun 2012 with three announcements aligning pure platform companies with large M2M players, but many still need to clarify their [...]

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December 14, 2011

Axeda and ClearConnex announce new partnership

Axeda Corporation and ClearConnex have announced that they are joining forces to address improving the efficiency of deploying wireless, M2M solutions.



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What are the greatest customer benefits of eSIMs? Quickfire Interview with Arm

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