Shengyang Electronics joins HomeGrid Forum bringing knowledge of Industrial M2M and IoT use cases

Nuremberg, Germany. 20 June 2022 – HomeGrid Forum has welcomed Shengyang Electronics as its latest member at the Embedded World event in Nuremberg. The Chinese RF specialists bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of technologies and how they can be applied for M2M and IoT use cases. It is expected that the company’s

Read more is opening the door to new industrial opportunities

There is no denying that we are living in an increasingly digital world, where we heavily rely on technology to stay connected in all aspects of our lives. According to DataProt, there are more than 10 billion active Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use in 2021, with this number expected to surpass 25 billion

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HomeGrid Forum advances for industrial applications

HomeGrid Forum is accelerating the development of for use in industrial settings, which will prove critical for the future success of businesses worldwide. Facilitating fast communication, is said by the Forum to be bridging the gap between legacy systems and newer technology to transform operations with reliable, fast connectivity.

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HomeGrid Forum’s Donna Yasay steps down as president of industry alliance promoting

HomeGrid Forum has announced that Donna Yasay will be stepping down as president following a successful two years with the Forum. Under Donna’s leadership, the HomeGrid Forum says it has flourished in the networking and communications market, ensuring products are multi-vendor interoperable even with multi-vendor silicon.

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China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute joins HomeGrid Forum to support technology

HomeGrid Forum announced China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute has become its newest promoter member. China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute is a major research organisation within the China Telecom Corporation, and has worked on related projects for more than three years.

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HomeGrid Forum announces six newly-certified products ahead of CES Asia 2017

The total number of HomeGrid Forum certified devices has increased to 26. During the latest wave of certifications, in partnership with HomeGrid Forum’s Accredited Test House (ATH)

Read more is key to the in-home ultra-broadband experience, says HomeGrid Forum President

Speaking today at BroadbandTV in Nashville, Donna Yasay, president of HomeGrid Forum, told the audience that is the number one technology to fulfil the needs for an in-home ultra-broadband experience, by extending Wi-Fi coverage and performance

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Huawei joins HomeGrid Forum as contributor member

Beaverton, Oregon, USA , 4 December, 2013 – Huawei, one the world’s leading ICT providers, has joined the HomeGrid Forum. As a contributor member, the company can participate in HomeGrid’s various working groups over a wide range of activities – from standards work, compliance and interoperability, to marketing and events.

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HomeGrid Forum and HomePNA Alliance merge to smooth migration to for home networks

Beaverton, Oregon, USA – HomeGrid Forum and the HomePNA Alliance have merged to create a single organisation focused on promoting advanced wired home networking technologies. The combined organisation will operate under the HomeGrid Forum banner.

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Chunghwa Telecom Labs joins HomeGrid Forum

Taiwan service provider joins within weeks of ground-breaking world first public demonstration of interoperability.

Read more chipset makers pass interoperability test

In a win for the wired home networking industry, four chipset manufacturers converged in Geneva, Switzerland, for the world’s first open Interoperability Plugfest.

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AT&T joins Homegrid Forum to support development

AT&T has joined the Homegrid Forum as a promoter member and was appointed to the forum’s board of directors. Tom Starr, lead member of the technical staff at AT&T and a telecoms industry expert, will serve as the AT&T representative on the board.

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Homegrid Forum says yes to draft ITU-T mimo specification for extending

The Homegrid Forum is backing the ITU-T Study Group 15’s draft standard (ITU-T G.9963, or that adds mimo (multiple input multiple output) technology to the standard for high-speed networking over existing home wiring.

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Homegrid Forum appoints Trac for testing

Trac has been appointed as the industry’s first test house for Homegrid certified products and will work directly with silicon providers and vendors of home networking devices to ensure they comply with the test standards.

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