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September 7, 2017

IoT as a service will provide businesses with the tools necessary to implement IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably set to be the biggest driver of productivity and growth in the next decade, with Accenture estimating IoT could add $14.2 trillion (€11.87 trillion) to the global economy by 2030. But despite the hype and excitement, right now we seem to be a very long way from realising that vision, especially in the UK.

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August 3, 2017

Sigfox vs LoRaWAN vs NB-IoT: A $40bn arms race, IDTechEx reports

More than 10 billion devices will be connected to low power IoT networks over the next decade. Emerging Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) are being deployed around the world, using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum by a number of key players in the communications industry to connect devices

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June 6, 2017

Industrial IoT makes things Edgy

Some of the buzzwords gaining steam in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT) world are “fog computing” or “edge computing.” My preference, says R. Scott Raynovich, founder and chief analyst of Futuriom, is for the term edge computing, because it accurately describes the IoT market,

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September 23, 2016

Rising economies in Asia, Russia and Brazil help drive growth in cellular IoT connections

Global Cellular Internet of Things (IoT) connections are expected to reach almost 1.22 billion in 2021, according to Beecham Research.

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September 5, 2016

Trusted Objects aims to provide enhanced security to IoT for embedded firmware solution

Trusted Objects is aiming to provide enhanced security to the Internet of Things (IoT) through its embedded firmware solution for LoRaWAN™ networks.

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June 15, 2016

Telekom Austria Group in first demo of NB-IoT in Austria at M2M/IoT CEE Forum

Digitalisation is making great strides forward through all sectors of industry and not even politics is exempt. M2M or the Internet of Things is already the fastest-growing area of business in telecommunications.

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February 4, 2016

Enterprise IoT: Two disparate worlds unified in the Cloud – Pt 2

Cloud edge computing

Clouds are moving to the edge of the network. That may sound like an oxymoron since the cloud is basically a centralised facility where IoT data transmitted from the edge is aggregated and processed into real-time information.

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December 9, 2015

LoRaWAN™ looks good to go: Part 2

Bob Emmerson went to a recent LoRa Alliance event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to assess the current state-of-play. Part 1 looked at application development, the architecture and KPN’s network. This article focuses on LoRaWAN™ gateways and network management.



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