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March 21, 2013

An inside look at the technologies of tomorrow

Jeremy Cowan has a tour of the technologies we will all be living with in the very near future, from transport and mEducation to consumer goods and the eWallet

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December 17, 2012

Using M2M to go ‘green’ makes business sense

There is continual discussion on how we can be more ‘green’ to better use resources and protect the environment.

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December 14, 2012

Talking Heads: M2M: Transforming the world we live in

If you want to get under the skin of M2M services a good place to start is with an organisation with global experience, working with multiple network operators, and combining the attributes of MVNO, MVNE and Managed Service Provider. Here, the editor, Jeremy Cowan quizzes Wyless’s CEO, Dan McDuffie about current trends in M2M and Wyless’s response to them.



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Why many operators have struggled to identify new revenue streams beyond Voice

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