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August 6, 2018

The end of point of sale as we know it?

There are certain situations where consumers will want to take their time when making an important purchase and enjoy the whole buying experience – when searching for a brand-new car, for example.

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September 8, 2017

Accenture acquires MATTER and strengthens its interactive design and innovation unit Fjord

Accenture has acquired MATTER, a design and innovation firm focused on designing products and experiences for the connected world. The acquisition aims to strengthen Accenture Interactive’s design and innovation unit, Fjord, by adding physical product design to its service design and digital product creation.

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December 28, 2016

What the IoT can learn from ’90s ERP

The 1990s were a time of innovation within the software industry, as companies realised that they could increase productivity and streamline operations by reinvigorating business processes. So throughout the 1990s and the subsequent decade, CIOs prioritised integrating business operations.

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June 16, 2016

What is the future of wearables in the enterprise?

Wearable devices like fitness bands, digital glasses, medical devices, smart watches, smart clothes and various other devices that augment our reality promise to radically change the manner in which information is collected, stored, processed, delivered and used.

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March 30, 2016

Consumers happier with wearable hardware than corresponding apps, says new Argus Insights report

Wearable technology is evolving beyond wrist-worn devices to include shirts, tattoos, hats, shoes and more. What makes these devices useful though, is the actionable collected data.

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November 2, 2012

Smart glasses and other wearable devices to be worth over $1.5bn by 2014, finds Juniper

A new report from Juniper Research has valued the next-gen wearable devices market, including smart glasses, to be worth more than $1.5 billion by 2014,



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