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August 9, 2016

Will the Internet of Things kill off passwords?

The tech goliaths Google, Apple and Facebook are all starting to take steps towards killing off password authentication once and for all. They see the opportunity to shore up security while also cutting down the number of password resets that consumers have to deal with.

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April 21, 2016

Is the Internet of Things broken beyond repair?

The Internet of Things has come a long way in the five years since the first IoT Day in 2011. But, there is a darker side to its success, with thousands of high-profile hacks having been carried out on connected devices.

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April 4, 2016

Connected car security: Why identity is in the driving seat

An increasingly diverse range of connected objects has joined the Internet of Things (IoT) in recent years. According to IDATE, 420 million drivers will generate a connectivity market amounting to €9 billion by 2020.

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December 14, 2015

Open source: Security through transparency

The contrast between proprietary and open source software is as old as the IT industry itself. Software in almost every category is available either from suppliers who develop and market their code by themselves or from developer communities who work with open code.

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December 3, 2015

Securing the smart city

As the vision of smart cities increasingly becomes reality, so too does the issue of security surrounding them. What can be done to ensure the security practices put in place are up to the job?



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Unleashing high value services through connected assets

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