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July 2, 2013

Semtech’s new long-range RFIC platform will drive Internet of Things and M2M deployments

Camarillo, California, USA – Semtech Corporation, a leading supplier of analogue and mixed-signal semiconductors, has introduced the SX1272, the first product in a new long-range RFIC platform that boosts the transmission range of the devices to up to 15 kilometres.

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June 25, 2013

First European field test of IPv6 wireless mesh communication in smart meters in Norway

Steinkjer, Norway – Connode AB, together with NTE, is now trialling the new generation of communications for the energy market at Demo Steinkjer. The new Connode 4 radio system provides seamless IP-based interoperability and global standardisation to the utility sector, which has been characterised by industry-specific protocols and lack of true interoperability.

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May 14, 2013

UK government admits smart energy meter roll-out will be delayed by a year, and market unsurprised

London, UK — In a written statement today, UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey said that the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has set a new date of autumn 2015 for nationwide smart energy meter installation. The start date had previously been summer 2014.

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March 17, 2013

Pre-paid energy pilot system rolled out for smart metering infrastructure in the Philippines

(Paderborn, Germany). March 12, 2013: Electricity utility Meralco has successfully launched its Prepaid Electricity technical pilot in the Philippines with 40 households, with a view to roll out to 40,000 soon.

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February 12, 2013

Kamstrup co-operates with Elster to provide second source of next gen smart meters for deployments

Kamstrup has announced an agreement with Elster that allows for co-operation between the two smart metering providers

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February 7, 2013

Smart appliance market to reach nearly $35 billion annually by 2020, forecasts Pike Research

According to a recent report from Pike Research, a part of Navigant’s Energy Practice, the annual value of the smart appliance market will grow from $613 million in 2012 to $34.9 billion in 2020

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January 28, 2013

Junifer empowers end-customers with consumption web or mobile API

Junifer Systems, a provider of back office billing products for the utility industry, is launching a web/mobile API that allows end-customers to view their energy consumption data on their supplier’s web site.

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January 22, 2013

Sensus look to discover the 41% of water currently 'lost' across Ireland's network

Sensus, a communications provider for the utilities industry, reports that it has successfully delivered 100 percent connectivity to smart water meters located underground

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January 21, 2013

Need for Utilities to meet consumer expectations with energy saving programmes

Pike Research’s just published Smart Grid Consumer Survey indicates that U.S. consumers have fairly realistic – or perhaps optimistic – expectations when it comes to saving money on their electric bills

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January 11, 2013

Mitsumi and Greenvity partner to develop and manufacture 'robust' energy management systems

Greenvity Communications is partnering with Mitsumi Electric to provide modules and systems for electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, battery-charging systems, smart meters and smart energy management systems



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Where are the missing 41 billion IoT devices?

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