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April 11, 2016

Azul Systems enhances Zulu Embedded to support 32-bit ARM processors

Azul Systems (Azul), has announced that Zulu Embedded, Azul’s open source Java Virtual Machine (JVM) based on OpenJDK, now supports 32-bit ARM processors, the dominant processor architecture for embedded designs.

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September 21, 2015

Why the universal remote never went mainstream

Philips introduced the first universal remote in 1985 under the brand name Magnavox; and CL 9, a startup founded by Steve Wozniak, introduced the first programmable remote control in 1987. Wozniak’s programmable remote was flexible but not commercially successful, as mainstream consumers believed that the device was too complicated to configure and use.

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July 31, 2014

The future of the connected home

I have a connected light bulb in my living room, says Sachin Mahajan. Whenever India plays a cricket match, it turns blue, telling me to switch on the TV and kick back.

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April 8, 2013

Complete spec for M2M communications over TV 'white space' announced by standards group

Cambridge, UK. April 8, 2013 – The Weightless SIG (special interest group) has ratified version 1.0 of a communications standard covering machine-to-machine (M2M) use of TV’s white space wireless spectrum.



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Telit claims world’s fastest mobile data card at CES 2020

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