10 Things That Will Kill Your IoT Application, and How to Fix Them (Quickly!)

10 Things That Will Kill Your IoT Application, and How to Fix Them (Quickly!)

As everyone with practical experience in IoT knows, things can and will go wrong with connected applications. If your business is built on a connected product or service, and your remote devices aren’t transmitting data as intended (or are out of control in other ways), every minute that a problem goes unfixed costs you real money and customer satisfaction.

The Aeris team has more than 250 million device-years of experience connecting things over 2G, 3G, and 4G networks around the world. We’ve seen the many ways IoT applications can break across all the elements in an end-to-end solution, from remote apps and configuration of the “thing” itself to its radio module, cellular networks, authentication and policy, IP transit, and our customers’ cloud infrastructures. Aided by the unique device and network visibility our core provides, we’ve developed an arsenal of tools and expertise that helps us predict, detect, investigate to root causes, and address these issues quickly — along with best practices in solution design and operational processes to prevent issues from arising in the first place.

In this webinar, we’ll share highlights from our many lessons learned, to help you architect your IoT solution for sustained success — and choose your connectivity partner wisely along the critical dimension of performance through the adversity inherent in IoT applications.


Duration: 60 min.



Steven Glapa

Steven Glapa
VP of Product Management

Steven leads the Aeris Product team, applying more than 30 years of experience in high-impact technology and business innovation for industry-leading customers across a wide range of markets, including connected vehicle programs (for Volkswagen and Mitsubishi), intelligent wireless access networking (AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Google, KDDI, Sprint, Verizon, Vodafone), AI/ML-driven communication apps (Wells Fargo), factory automation and robotics (3M, IBM, Merck), and health-care product manufacturing (Johnson & Johnson). Highlights include work pivotal to Ruckus’ $1B IPO, $500M in profit improvements for J&J, and over $200M in fundraising for Tarana.

Steven holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Columbia University, a BA in Physics from Carleton College, and a BS in Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University.

Jeremy Cowan
Editorial Director & Publisher
IoT Now & VanillaPlus

Jeremy Cowan is Editorial Director of the publishing group that has specialised in IT, Hi-Tech and Communications for 19 years. The group includes the international titles, www.IoT-Now.com, www.IoTGlobalNetwork.com, which focus on the Internet of Things and its impact on businesses and consumers, as well as www.VanillaPlus.com, the leading business information resource for Communication Service Providers and Network Operators worldwide.