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Internet of Things offer a bright but challenging futureAt face value, Internet of Things (IoT) communications are simply devices sharing data in a wired or wireless network. For over 20 years they have been mainly one-to-one connections, recording events at remote locations such as changes in stock levels or temperature. That was then, this is now.Today, many communications service providers (CSPs) are excited by the possibilities of huge growth in traffic serving every business and social sector, from telematics that monitor vehicle performance and update in-car software, to smart meters advising providers of the utilities consumed, to controlling secure site access, to healthcare providers checking remote devices such as dialysis machines or even pacemakers.Iot networks already support a wide range of applications (47.7 million wireless connections worldwide in 2008, according to Berg Insight, and expected to reach 187 million by 2014). These applications are growing to include: critical health provision, transaction reporting (car parks, train tickets, toll roads, vending machines), and low value, low frequency service updates (such as industrial monitoring). IoT can present widely differing challenges in business models, technologies, implementation and support.In the first global magazine of its kind, IoT Now explores the evolving opportunities and challenges facing CSPs, and we pass on some lessons learned from those who have taken the first steps in next gen IoT services.

  • How should you plan networks for new and unproven services?
  • How can telcos provision the SIMS, and number the vast quantity of devices involved?
  • How do you price and charge for such varied services?
  • Where should intelligence reside, in the device, the network or the cloud?
  • How do you guarantee the quality of service levels needed for life and death data?
  • Which operators are most active in new IoT services, and what has it taught them?

IoT Now will be covering all industries using machine-to-machine communications (fixed line & wireless) for business-to-business users and consumers’ connected devices. These industries include: automotive, energy & water utilities, fleet management & telematics, healthcare, manufacturing, retail & vending, security & access control, telecoms, and transport & logistics.  From the first issue, it will also feature Board-Level Interviews with executives from Network Operators, Service Providers & Aggregators, Technology Enablers & Vendors, and Corporate End Users.To contact the editorial team, email: j.cowan@wkm-global.comMeanwhile, you can follow our progress on twitter: @jc_iotnow

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