Achieving Global Connectivity with an Open eSIM

Achieving Global Connectivity with an Open eSIM

When reliable connectivity is critical for deploying your Cellular IoT solution regionally or globally, an Open programmable eSIM is the right technology to provide optimal performance.

Establishing global connectivity for your IoT solution can be challenging and is often not your organization’s core competency. Although many cellular connectivity solutions reference the same technology wording such as: eUICC/eSIM, programmable, Global SIM, etc.” the actual solutions can, in fact, provide very different technology and connectivity. What you thought was an eUICC solution with programmable technology may, in fact, turn out to be something completely different like programmable hardware locked to a single mobile operator. Selecting the wrong technology can dramatically affect your solution’s cost, coverage, flexibility, and longevity.

In this session you will learn from our IoT connectivity experts as they explain the many technology differences and provide solutions to overcome connectivity challenges and enable digital players worldwide to provide global access for their things.

  • How can I simplify establishing Global IoT Connectivity?
  • Can I deploy all my global devises with single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)?
  • How can I address LTE-M, NB-IoT, and LTE connectivity?
  • Is it possible to have all my devices obtain optimal connectivity?
  • What can I do to address the challenges of security and data privacy?
  • How can I integrate connectivity using an API?


On-demand version
Duration: 60 min.

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Ajay Joseph

Ajay Joseph

Ajay Joseph is the Chief Technology Officer of iBASIS and has more than 30 years experience in the telecommunications industry. He is responsible for the technical strategy and engineering of the iBASIS global network and underlying systems. His leadership over more than a decade has been instrumental in iBASIS’ growth from start-up to one of the largest international carriers in the world. Ajay is also largely responsible for driving innovation within iBASIS, such as the new developments around Internet of Things and is the founder of the iBASIS Global Access for Things solution.

Robin Duke-Woolley

Robin Duke-Woolley
Analyst, CEO
Beecham Research Ltd

Robin Duke-Woolley is one of the best-known and most respected names in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, with over 20 years’ experience as an analyst and consultant in telecommunications. Beecham Research combines successful business experience, and extensive analysis expertise in both research and consulting practices. The company operates globally and has research partners in many parts of the world.

George Malim
Managing editor, IoT Now magazine
IoT Now

George is a freelance technology journalist. He has covered the telecoms market since 1999 and contributes to Global Telecoms Business, The Mobile Network, VanillaPlus and Wireless magazines in addition to producing content on behalf of operators, vendors and creative agencies.