Mobile operators offered system to manage embedded devices roaming across their networks

Amit Daniel, Starhome Amit Daniel, Starhome: Cut the cost if international signalling

Switzerland. 29 March, 2011 — With embedded devices now in widespread use in tablets and computers with 3G connectivity, such as Kindle, and now widely used in transport applications to monitor location and communication, MNOs are presented with a new roaming challenge.

So many industries are now using embedded devices to simplify data reporting from the source that mobile network operators (MNOs) need to manage and control the use of their networks to maintain profitability and service quality. And as other uses of embedded mobile devices are added – including control rooms, utility meters, healthcare monitors and security equipment – this need becomes all the more pressing.

To manage this growing range of devices and applications where event-related information is needed, one roaming systems vendor, Starhome® has just launched its Embedded Mobile Manager ™ (EMM). This software system is designed to give mobile operators a single core element with which to manage and control their embedded mobile services.

Starhome’s EMM system works by enabling the virtual private mobile network to automatically detect embedded devices roaming within the network. Based on the 3GPP GLR, EMM takes control of the device registration within the network, and SIM usage profile allows the EMM to address operators’ concerns regarding roaming, network protection, fraud and quality of service. The system also protects the network against potential surges in the number of devices registered.

As Amit Daniel, Starhome’s Vice-President of Marketing told M2M Now: “By managing all devices in the network we can reduce the cost of international signalling. And with EMM we can protect the network’s integrity.”

For outbound roaming, the system has a dedicated tool which steers embedded devices to their preferred network.

Until now Starhome’s customers for EMM have been mobile network operators, but the company has now been approached by device manufacturers looking for the ability to roam between networks internationally. Starhome is already connected to over 200 MNOs worldwide, so the company can enable multiple numbers on a single SIM. The company is working on several new business models including revenue share and pricing-based payment, and applications are extending into areas such as in-car infotainment in Europe and North America.

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