Sensinode creates platform for rapid development and management of challenging M2M apps

Sensinode Sensinode

Oulu, Finland – Software provider, Sensinode Ltd, has released its NanoService™ Platform, a new scalable, back-end management platform. It is designed to enable the rapid deployment of challenging M2M systems by providing efficient management of nodes and their resources, and by allowing applications to be easily developed using well understood web services.

Designed to support M2M networks of up to 20 million nodes and up to 100 million daily transactions per cluster, the NanoService Platform offloads the complexity of Embedded Web service deployment from service providers and system integrators. Applications in the emerging smart grid, connected home, lighting and many other industrial / consumer segments involving wireless sensing and control can be accommodated by the Sensinode architecture.

“The evolution of the Internet of Things is accelerating on multiple fronts, including standards development, integration of IPv6 into the upcoming ZigBee Smart Energy 2.0 profile, and the global trend to leverage mobile communications infrastructure for M2M applications,” said Adam Gould, chief executive officer of Sensinode. “Our goal with the NanoServices Platform is to support fast development of applications using standard web tools, while at the same time making the details of the wireless network transparent to our customers.”

The NanoService Platform presents an environment for easy development of standard REST (Representational State Transfer) applications while utilising standards for Embedded Web services such as CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) and compact messaging formats including EXI (Efficient XML Exchange) for efficient transport of data. Other elements of the Sensinode solution for the Embedded Web are:

· Embedded device libraries to allow nodes to easily connect to the NanoService Platform using minimal memory space.

· Sensinode NanoService Reference Applications, including source code, to accelerate development of secure, reliable and scalable applications.

· NanoStack™embedded 6LoWPAN device level software and NanoRouter™ for routing between 6LoWPAN IPv6/IPv4 networks.

Designed to enable the deployment of challenging M2M applications in private server, private cloud or public cloud environments, the NanoService Platform is a management solution for both low-power RF and cellular communication networks. This includes all variations of IEEE 802.15.4 RF at both 2.4GHz and sub-GHz frequencies, as well as GSM, CDMA and 4G cellular standards.

Sensinode is now talking to select end-user organisations and M2M service provider companies on deployments of Embedded Web applications using its NanoService Platform.

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