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Subex reveals the results of a global operator survey on Data Integrity Management (DIM)

Subex reveals the results of a global operator survey on Data Integrity Management (DIM)

Posted by IoT Now MagazineNovember 30, 2011

Based on responses from 95 global operators, Subex Ltd, a provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Heavy Reading, an independent research organisation, have conducted an in-depth global survey to understand the problems operators face with their data quality and data integrity.

The survey highlights some critical benchmarks in the data integrity management space. It reflects how CSPs lack substantial investment in data integrity.

Poor data integrity has been a longstanding problem in carrier environments that leads to inefficiencies and expensive manual re-work across the full range of operations such as provisioning and activation, service assurance, billing and capacity planning.

According to the 2011 Analysys Mason Report, the global market for Data Integrity Management will reach $137M by 2014 from $98M in 2010.

A few highlights of the findings are:

  • Six out of every 10 operators experience up to 30% order fallouts
  • The main reasons for high order fallout are too many manual steps and too many siloed processes and process views
  • The majority of operators still feel more than 20% of their inventory data is out of sync with the network
  • Approximately 50% of operators still use ad hoc manual audits to keep inventory data in sync with the network

The report shows trends and results across geographies, with results for five major regions: North America, Europe, South America, Asia/Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa. It takes into consideration the fact that results vary across the globe, as operators and their demands are specific to their own region.

On average, North America emerges as a region that uses maximum automation in processes, while Asia/Pacific shows maximum synchronisation between network and inventory data.

The Subex/Heavy Reading Data Integrity Management (DIM) Benchmarking Survey also looks at CSPs’ wish-list for future offerings and their planned areas of investment around OSS/BSS which they cannot obtain at present.

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