Qualcomm launches mobile health company and new cloud medical data platform

Qualcomm has announced a new subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, to focus on remote health management, and a new cloud platform called 2net for transferring biometric data. 2net is a cloud platform that will allow doctors and patients to transfer, store, convert and display data generated by various medical devices.

Users can access the 2net platform through the 2net hub. The hub works with 2G; 3G; Bluetooth; Bluetooth Low Energy; WiFi; and ANT+, a local-area radio protocol.

Doctors can use 2net to access encrypted, biometric data that a patient uploads from a mobile phone, other mobile devices or application programming interfaces (APIs) connected to the customer service platform.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has listed 2net as an approved Medical Device Data System (MDDS) that supports regulatory requirements and activity around the technology is already notable – companies already developing mobile devices for 2net include A&D Medical, AirStrip Technologies, AT&T and Nonin Medical.

In addition, Qualcomm has established a $100 million Qualcomm Life Fund to develop wireless health services and push for their adoption. Investments will focus on areas such as personal wellness and disease management. Qualcomm will also invest in biosensors for chronic disease and wellness, remote diagnosis and in health care analytics software.


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