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Sprint expands asset-tracking solutions to help beat FBI forecast of global cargo fraud losses

Sprint expands asset-tracking solutions to help beat FBI forecast of global cargo fraud losses

Posted by Jeremy CowanMay 14, 2012

According to the FBI, experts estimate that cargo thefts in 2012 will be worth as much as US$30 billion in losses. So, to provide enterprises, fleet owners, government agencies and other organisations with more choices in asset protection, US-based mobile network operator (MNO) Sprint is expanding its portfolio of products from Omnilink, an award-winning provider of location-based services (LBS) and platforms.

The Omnilink Asset Tracking system operates on Sprint’s wireless networks and offers an out-of-the box tool for tracking assets at risk of theft or damage, such as:

· Bank bags
· Automated teller machines (ATMs)
· Computers and data storage devices
· Vehicles
· Consumer electronics and designer apparel
· Liquor and cigarettes
· Pharmaceuticals

The expanded offering enables Sprint customers to choose from multiple device options to track and monitor all of their assets within a single user interface. Later this month, the Sprint Business Direct sales channels will also begin offering the following new devices on Omnilink’s Asset Tracker platform:

· The Sendum PT300 device supports smart sensors such as temperature, light and motion to address theft prevention, asset management and chain of custody. For example, shippers can use the PT300 to monitor valuable cargo in transit, ensure warehoused goods stay in the correct temperature range, or detect tampering if a package has been opened. Omnilink’s technology also enables a sleep mode with motion alerts to allow the PT300 to stay in the field for weeks or months at a time without recharging.

· The Omnilink OM210 provides customers with a highly reliable, ultra low-cost, indoor / outdoor asset-tracking option. Ideal for shorter battery life requirements where loss of the device is possible in transit. The OM210 is based on the technology in Omnilink’s time-tested offender-monitoring devices, making it a provenly reliable asset-tracking solution.

· The CalAmp 2610 provides companies with an affordable way to track vehicles and construction equipment and Omnilink extends features such as location history, speed, stop reports, and geofencing for remote asset management. The 2610 features new technology including a 3D accelerometer to provide the high reliability that fleet owners demand.

This expanded portfolio builds on Omnilink’s long-standing relationship with Sprint, whose solutions include Omnilink Asset Tracker. Sprint also provides the network infrastructure for Omnilink’s offender-monitoring solutions.

“Sprint’s expanded line-up of Omnilink-powered products is the latest example of how Omnilink offers the industry’s broadest, deepest portfolio of solutions for tracking assets, vehicles, employees, offenders and more,” said Steve Hudson, chief development officer at Omnilink. “But we’re not resting on our laurels either. Instead, we’re continuing to support an even wider range of devices to meet the demand for new features, applications and price points.”

“Through our collaboration with Omnilink, Sendum and CalAmp, Sprint business customers have a one-stop shop for nearly any asset tracking need,” said Wayne Ward (pictured), vice president-Emerging Solutions Group, Sprint. “We have a dedicated team that fast tracks M2M solutions to market. To date, Sprint has certified hundreds of M2M solutions and has millions of devices running on its network today. Wireless asset tracking is an example of how connected devices are changing every aspect of our lives, impacting how we work and live.”

Vehicle tracking and supply chain management are among the machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that will be worth a collective $35 billion by 2016, ABI Research estimates.

Global experts in GPS, LBS and M2M technology, Omnilink Systems creates complete tracking products and solutions to help ensure the safety and security of people and valuable assets. Since 2004, Omnilink’s advanced location-based services platform has powered tracking solutions—including offender monitoring, asset tracking and personal tracking—for some of the world’s most respected brands, US government agencies and consumers in a range of different markets. Omnilink leverages a global network of partners—including tier 1 wireless carriers, global security firms, national retailers, and respected non-profits—to create, service, promote and distribute its tracking products.

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