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Starcom launches location-aware high security padlock

Starcom launches location-aware high security padlock

Posted by IoT Now MagazineMay 25, 2012

u-blox , the Swiss positioning and wireless module and chip company, has been chosen as the GPS receiver and wireless module provider by Starcom Systems, a manufacturer of products for telematics, fleet management and security applications.

Starcom’s latest product is “WatchLock”, the industry’s first high-security padlock with built in u-blox GPS and GSM wireless communications capability. Watchlock combines a Mul-T-Lock® high security padlock with an electronic alarm system from Starcom Systems. WatchLock is the first padlock that can report tampering while simultaneously transmitting its location to an online web application, making it ideal for both static (ex. Warehouses, fuel pipes, fences) as well as mobile applications (ex. trucks, trailers, vending machines).

“WatchLock is a unique product that provides a whole new level of security and peace of mind for industrial as well as private users”, said Mr. Doron Kedem, Starcom’s founder, “u-blox’ tight-integration of GPS and wireless communications technology has allowed us to develop a highly sensitive, location-aware padlock perfect for a wide range of high-security applications.”

The WatchLock has recently won the prestigious “Physical Security Product of the Year” award at the IFSEC International 2012 event held in Birmingham, UK .

WatchLock integrates a u-blox LEON GSM module together with a UBX-G6010 GPS receiver chip. All u blox 6 GPS receivers are hardware and firmware compatible with u-blox’ compact LEON 2G and LISA 3G wireless modules. This provides a mobile communications back-channel that enables numerous attractive “location-aware” features for consumer, automotive and industrial applications.

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