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RingTrack’s M2M platform is ready to go

RingTrack’s M2M platform is ready to go

Posted by IoT Now MagazineJune 8, 2012

RingTrack, a Cambridgeshire based specialising in vehicle tracking and asset recovery, has developed an M2M and telematics platform which is packaged and ready to use with any OEM device you choose.

As technology advances there is more demand on the internet and on products to interact. Enterprises, system integrators, network operators and OEMs face the challenge of developing and deploying feature-rich, scalable, maintainable, and global M2M offerings.

RingTrack’s M2M platform provides a commercial foundation that includes all necessary software services and device management infrastructure for a full range of M2M applications. Key features include:

Wireless provisioning system integration – to simplify device administration by M2M applications, RingTrack’s platform includes features that bring GSM wireless and SIM provisioning into a device management process. The platform enables all the complex steps for SIM and device provisioning, including activation.
Hybrid location services – the RingTrack platform offers a full range of location services that leverage device information, RingTrack databases and partner resources spanning GPS, International Cell ID, and enhanced Cell ID
Sophisticated geofence services – geofences are virtual perimeters around physical objects or addresses that are used to notify the application or user when an asset comes within or crosses the defined boundary.
Alerts and Alarms – a wide range of alerts and alarms can be received from devices and dispatched to an unlimited number of user’s both by text and e-mail.

For companies that do not have any in-house capabilities to provide M2M, then RingTrack can provide a quotation for custom applications on request. Any applications designed around the above modules can be hosted for customers on their advanced M2M and telematics platform.

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