Kamstrup to unveil new smart grid platform at October's Metering Europe in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Amsterdam

Skanderborg, Denmark – Kamstrup will formally launch its OMNIA Suite – said to be a comprehensive smart grid platform – at Metering Europe in Amsterdam October 9-11 2012. It encompasses network communication, meter data management, smart grid applications and smart meters.

The system is claimed by the company to be “the most smart grid-ready end-to-end solution for utilities with an unprecedented strong focus on openness”, security and meter reading performance. The ambition is to present the most innovative and capable tool for grid optimisation.

“We consider it our finest job to make the complex energy infrastructure manageable and secure,” says Kamstrup‘s division director, Lars Bo Kristensen. “It is therefore only natural that we now present a fully matured smart grid system based on proven wireless technology, open standards and the latest security technologies. We know that data quality and data frequency are the most basic prerequisites for a well functioning smart grid.

“This is why we have been focusing especially on a stable, high performing system. Our previous projects confirm that wireless technology provides an extremely high success rate on meter readings without any conditions in small letters regarding noisy environments. This is why we continue with wireless technology in the OMNIA system: It simply works.”

Mr. Kristensen also emphasises security as a key issue: “Security is becoming a still more acute topic as smart meters are being distributed in homes worldwide. A smart grid system must present convincing answers to the security question and take everything from malicious attacks to natural disasters into consideration. The OMNIA system has, therefore, been designed with a defence-in-depth strategy towards minimising the impact of a single breach. This is the most solid foundation on which utilities can build their security-architecture.”

Kamstrup smart meter
Kamstrup smart meter

Smart home-enabled

One of the new interfaces of the OMNIA Suite is the communication with external devices in the smart home. The Kamstrup OMNIPOWER smart meter features smart home ability by means of a transparent communication channel. A communication module (e.g. ZigBee) can be installed in the meters and price signals and text messages can be sent to smart home-equipment for further processing.

The smart home-ability is being completed by the Energy Monitor App. The app provides an instant picture of any unwanted power consumption and contributes to a more conscious usage.

“We need to engage as consumers in a totally new way,” says Mr. Kristensen. “Energy is no longer a simple commodity which we get billed for once a year; energy consumption has become a climate threat calling for intelligent solutions to manage a responsible energy usage. At Kamstrup we believe that a true smart grid system should include features and options that make consumers more energy savvy.” Mr. Kristensen mentions that the OMNIPOWER smart meter offers an optional ZigBee communication channel for home energy management with in-house displays. The channel can even be used for targeted load control and sensor connectivity.


Kamstrup has recently made strategic partnerships with other leaders in the smart grid-industry in order to be able to offer tailored solutions for utilities and businesses.

“Strategic partnerships and the use of open standards are key elements in a smart grid system that claims to possess highest flexibility. With the OMNIA platform we promise seamless integration with third party systems, so that our customers have freedom of choice and can get maximum value for their smart grid investments,” says Mr. Kristensen.

Kamstrup will reveal the OMNIA-suite at Metering Europe in Amsterdam October 9-11, 2012.

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