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m2mAIR’s Module Management: One tool to manage your devices in the field

m2mAIR’s Module Management: One tool to manage your devices in the field

Posted by adminJanuary 21, 2013

Discover m2mAIR, a new business effort by Telit Wireless Solutions, conceived and dedicated to value-added services, including connectivity, complementing Telit’s hardware portfolio.

Value-added services from m2mAIR combine solutions for module, SIM, and subscription management with M2M connectivity, delivering business value through enhanced network performance, cost control, security, and troubleshooting. Addressing the critical element of cost-control in m2m integrations, m2mAIR offers an innovative business approach which transforms cost of connectivity into a bill-of-material (BOM) component.

  • Can you see if your critical devices have network coverage and troubleshoot?
  • Can you adjust connectivity usage from one to all your devices instantly to avoid overage charges?
  • Can you find an m2m rate plan that will only bill you for devices generating revenue for you?
  • Can you tell where each of your devices is, anytime, anywhere, without using GPS?
  • Can you ask the module in your device to report its setup and running status?

m2mAIR’s Remote Module Management Service answers YES to all your questions.

Thus m2mAIR customers benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced cost control, better security, and streamlined troubleshooting capabilities, application enhancement services (e.g. Mobile based positioning, remote module management) and superior network coverage & performance.
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