Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2013

Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2013

Event date: September 25-26, 2013
London, UK

As vehicles increasingly become digital platforms and Internet connectivity becomes ever more ubiquitous, the automotive industry is confronting unprecedented challenges while being presented with unparalleled opportunities to generate new revenue streams and better understand customer behaviour via data analytics to deliver enriched in-vehicle and ownership experiences.

But what services do customers actually want in their vehicles? How can this be managed with driver distraction? And, ultimately, what business model will enable an acceptable return on investment?

To fully capitalise on these opportunities, the 3rd edition of the Connected In-Vehicle Infotainment Global Summit 2013 has been designed as an interactive, OEM-led forum to connect car makers with multi-industry stakeholders to address commercially viable business models, standardisation and infotainment system innovation.

You will hear from over 18 expert speakers pioneering IVI developments including Audi, Ford, BMW, Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, McLaren and Volvo Trucks, alongside WillowTree Apps, Telefónica, Orange and Parkopedia to name a few.

Key Themes For 2013:

  • BUSINESS MODELS: Comparing Business Models For Connectivity, Applications And Smart Device Integration To Establish The Best Way To Derive Value From The Connected Car
  • CONNECTIVITY: Evaluating The Opportunities And Challenges With Tethered, Embedded And Integrated Solutions
  • AUTOMOTIVE APPS: Discovering How Vehicle Data Can Be Used To Create New Services And The Best Strategies For Cultivating Automotive App Development
  • ECOSYSTEMS TO ATTRACT THIRD PARTY DEVELOPERS: Benchmarking Industry Views On Opening Up Systems For Third-Party Developers And Approaches To Partnerships To Drive Innovation
  • SMART DEVICE INTEGRATION AND STANDARDS: Evaluating The Best Technical Solutions For Enabling Seamless Connectivity With Current And Future Smart Devices
  • OFF-BOARD AND V2X CONNECTIVITY: Examining And Addressing Barriers In The Adoption Of Widespread Data Communication Standards
  • ADVANCED HMI DEVELOPMENTS: Showcasing Developments In Speech Recognition, Gesture Control, Touch Pads And Feedback Mechanisms
  • CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS VS. DRIVER DISTRACTION GUIDELINES: Assessing How Rapidly Evolving Consumer Expectations Can Be Balanced With Distraction Guidelines

Engage in this interactive forum of collaborative discussion to identify opportunities for partnerships with multi-industry stakeholders, benchmark your infotainment strategy, and discover cutting-edge innovation to successfully support the integration of devices, apps and features across your product lines.

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