Novatel Wireless M2M module for insurance telematics and fleet management receives Verizon approval

Novatel Wireless, a provider of intelligent wireless networking solutions,announced that its MT 3050 device has received technical approval from Verizon Wireless.

The MT 3050 is a mobile tracking OBD-II device which reduces up-front costs for insurance telematics and fleet management applications with easy, plug-and-play installation and industry-leading small form factor.

The new MT 3050 also features integrated disconnect alert supported by an in-device backup battery.

“The MT 3050 is a versatile mobile tracking device applicable across numerous market segments such as automotive insurance, safety/security and roadside assistance, vehicle servicing, driver behaviour management, and fleet management,” said Joe Peterson, global sales VP of Novatel Wireless M2M business.

The MT 3050 features Novatel Wireless on board rules engine that supports customer-defined exception-based rules for applications such as ignition,
geo-fencing, trip reporting and other events.

It also has built-in threshold events to capture metrics critical to effective fleet and insurance monitoring such as excessive engine speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, speed violations, and excessive idling.

Unlike wired telematics devices, the innovative plug-and-play device with internal antennas removes vehicle installation costs and associated vehicle out-of-service time, thereby lowering total up-front costs.

The MT 3050 can be coupled with Novatel Wireless¹ robust N4A Communications and Management Software platform to monitor, manage and reconfigure devices remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq commented: “We are pleased to partner with both Novatel Wireless and Verizon Wireless to continue to offer our
customers the most comprehensive hardware offering in the telematics space.”

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