V2X for Auto Safety and Mobility Europe 2013

Event date: February 20-21, 2013
Le Meridien, Park Hotel, Frankfurt, Germany

Devise a Unified Commercialisation and Deployment Strategy for Vehicle and Infrastructure Tech. to Accelerate Safety and Mobility

Vehicle- vehicle communication could transform automotive safety, enabling deployment of effective active safety features. Research is underway to find solutions for deployment, both for vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle safety applications.

Key Topics that will be discussed:

  • Commercialisation of V2X Technology: Evaluate options such as e-tolling and platooning for the commercialisation of V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) and V2I (vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology to deliver ROI for investors and stakeholders
  • Safety – The Ultimate Stimulus For V2X Offerings: Hear which V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle/infrastructure) safety initiatives like INTERSAFE-2 are being deployed by road operators and policy makers to improve intersection safety and rear-end collision warning amongst other features
  • Future-Proof Business Models for V2V Uptake: Examine the evolving value-chain and resulting V2V business models such as lifetime, subscription, service bundles, incentive-based (e.g. insurance discounts) models to understand how to boost ROI for mainstream deployment
  • ADAS Systems Converge With V2X Architectures For Driver Security: Understand which current and future V2X technologies will threaten and/or overlap with ADAS functionalities to gauge who you need to partner with to prepare for this major technology shift
  • Commercial Vehicles: First Steps towards V2X Adoption: Decipher the commercial applications for fleet managers and tolling companies such as pre-trip inspections, end-of-day information submission and high-speed tolling to create new revenue channels
  • Smartphones Pave The Way For V2X Penetration: Establish how smartphones and aftermarket devices will be certified for V2X systems with traffic safety applications such as blind spot alerts to improve accuracy and reliability

And many more sessions on topics such as standards for interoperability, results from FOTs (field operational tests), integration and deployment strategies and exclusive insights from BMW, Renault, European Commission, Cohda, Denso amongst others.

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