Oberthur and FICOSA demonstrate a 'complete connectivity solution' for the automotive market

(Mobile World Congress) Barcelona, Spain & Levallois-Perret, France — Oberthur Technologies and FICOSA are demonstrating a remotely provisionable SIM for the automotive market at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona.

A remotely provisionable DIM®, will be integrated into an in-vehicle Telematic Unit (iVTU) from FICOSA, on Oberthur Technologies’ booth at the annual mobile communications event.

Oberthur is one of the world’s largest providers of security and identification solutions and services based on smart card technologies. FICOSA is an automotive parts and systems supplier.

The technology aims to demonstrate the selection of a mobile network operator (MNO) and remote download of the MNO profile within seconds, enabling fast activation without the constraints of physical access to the subscriber identity module (SIM).

Thanks to recent advances in in-vehicle mobile connectivity, iVTUs fitted directly inside the vehicle, contain an integrated SIM. One of the challenges for vehicle manufacturers is the choice and subscription of MNO, once the vehicle is on the market. When the SIM is fitted in the vehicle, it is linked to a specific MNO with little possibility of modification during the vehicle’s lifetime.

With the latest connectivity solution proposed by Oberthur Technologies and FICOSA, however, a provisioning of MNO is possible at any time. This represents a significant advantage, given the massive deployment of telematic systems expected in the coming years, due to global regulations such as eCall¹ and ERA GLONASS². FICOSA will demonstrate the innovation through the iVTUs thanks to its position as a Tier-1 supplier in the automotive industry.

FICOSA’s iVTUs are recognised in the industry as best-in-class, thanks to winning global projects with many major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

“Thanks to Oberthur Technologies’ know-how and leadership in the field of secure technologies, we are proud to showcase innovation that represents a major milestone in our efforts to promote connectivity solutions like the Subscription Manager and associated remote provisionable DIM®, for the M2M environment,” said Cédric Collomb, managing director of the Telecom Business Unit at Oberthur Technologies. “Working closely with FICOSA, one of the leaders in the automotive industry, is proof of our ambition to be at the cutting-edge of M2M technologies.”

“We live in an exciting age where new standards and mandates enable compelling, innovative features and services inside connected vehicles, a market with great growth potential, offering drivers completely new technologies. Co-operation between companies plays a key role in the evolution of this fast-paced M2M market and a good example is the combination of Oberthur Technologies’ know-how in the field of security and FICOSA’s iVTU technologies. FICOSA is well positioned in the M2M market, through its proprietary patented technology,” said Jose Maria Forcadell, Advanced Communications Business Unit director at FICOSA.

To see the demonstration, visit Oberthur Technologies’ booth (Hall 6-stand 6C81) from February 25 to 28, 2013, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, to discover the complete connectivity solution for the automotive market.

Oberthur Technologies is a world leader in the field of secure technologies: systems development, solutions and services for smart cards (payment cards, SIM cards, access cards, NFC…) and for secure identity documents, traditional and electronic (identity card, passport, health care card). Created in 1984, Oberthur Technologies employs over 6,000 employees. With 50 sales offices across five continents, Oberthur Technologies’ international network serves clients in 140 countries.

FICOSA is an industrial group based in Spain and a global and marketing of automotive systems and parts. Founded in 1949, the company, with headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), at centres and offices located throughout 19 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The group invests 4% of its income in research and development (R&D), and operates a technology development centre in Spain addressed to the automotive, electronics, energy and communications industries.

eCall¹: European initiative aimed at offering rapid assistance to motorists involved in a collision, anywhere in the European Union.

ERA GLONASS²: Government accident emergency response system in Russia with GLONASS technology for enhancing transportation safety.

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