Xively helps Elektron speed new services to market and launches new consulting services group

Boston, MA, USA. September 18, 2013Xively has announced that Elektron Technology is building its next generation of connected solutions on the Xively IoT platform. It has also launched Xively Consulting Services, a professional services group that helps businesses navigate the technical and business complexities inherent in IoT.

By using Xively to evolve its product lines, Elektron can rapidly deliver a new breed of IoT-powered, subscription-based monitoring and control services designed to enhance customer relationships and create new revenue opportunities.

Xively is a subsidiary of LogMeIn (NASDAQ: LOGM) and said to be the  creator of the first public cloud platform for the commercial Internet of Things (IoT). Elektron is also engaging Xively Consulting Services to help conceptualise and design its new offerings, which will build on the company’s core technologies, skills and market leading brands. (Full report below.)

“We’re committed to helping customers transform their operations by harnessing the data our products produce and turning it into highly actionable, business-changing information. The Internet of Things is the best way to make this happen and Xively is the ideal partner to help accelerate the migration from innovation to practical solutions. Xively is the only vendor that could provide the complete set of IoT enablers—the IoT platform, consulting services and partner ecosystem—we needed to create truly connected experiences,” said David Davies, group head of Instrumentation, Monitoring & Control at Elektron Technology. “Xively’s IoT platform enables the reliably-connected, highly-scalable and easy-to-manage offerings that are critical to our success. And by working with Xively Consulting Services, we benefit from experts who understand what it takes to develop and manage connected solutions that deliver real value.”

By building Xively-powered connected offerings, Elektron expects to:

  • Make it easy for Elektron customers to capture data collected by its products and stored and managed on Xively Cloud Services, and use that data to its full potential to advance their businesses.
  • Create and deliver ongoing value to its customers, moving from selling products to providing ongoing services. Through IoT subscription-based services, Elektron will gain a much better understanding of customer needs and usage patterns to create more compelling offerings.
  • Speed the time-to-market of innovative, high-value connected commercial services and gain competitive advantage through differentiated offerings.


Xively’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) helps companies simplify and accelerate development of a new generation of IoT-connected products  by allowing businesses of all sizes to focus on their innovation, instead of infrastructure, and bring compelling connected offerings to market at significant cost savings. Through the power of Xively’s Connected Object Cloud™, solutions can securely and selectively interconnect, creating an exponential effect.

Elektron Technology is a global business that innovates, designs and manufactures market-leading products and applications to monitor, control and connect in thousands of different ways.  The Group has a broad portfolio of products that play a critical role in many industries from rubber production and food preparation to semiconductors and emergency vehicle systems.  The Group’s products are sold worldwide and Elektron Technology is headquartered in Cambridge, UK.


Xively launches consulting services for the IoT

In a separate announcement, Xively, has reported the launch of Xively Consulting Services, a professional services group that helps businesses navigate the technical and business complexities inherent in IoT, and accelerate the definition, building and commercialisation of successful connected offerings through Xively Cloud Services. “The Internet of Things has ignited the imagination of businesses that want to use it to transform customer relationships, boost competitive advantage and generate new revenue streams. However, the many factors that go into creating a compelling IoT offering—from product architecture, design and wireless connectivity decisions, to security, analytics, billing and go-to-market strategy—can make it a daunting undertaking,” said Les Yetton, General Manager, Xively. “We formed Xively Consulting Services to ease the process, and help companies conceptualise and build solutions that will have the impact they envision, in the timeframe and budget they need.”

Xively Consulting Services is designed to help businesses in various phases of the Internet of Things development cycle, from the early stages of conceptualization to the latter stages of defining and implementing their offering and business model. Key consulting and professional service offerings include:

      Product architecture, specification and design

      Wireless connectivity selection and integration

      User interface, web and mobile app development

      Back-end infrastructure integration, device messaging, data storage, analytics, security, billing, user and device provisioning

      Development partner selection and project management

      Business model, ROI and go-to-market strategy

      Roadmap and strategic planning

Xively Consulting Services is augmented by the recently announced Xively Partner Network (https://investor.logmein.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=790320), an ecosystem of IoT-centric component, software and service companies that leverage Xively’s award-winning platform as a service.  Together, these programmes are designed to provide businesses with a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to developing innovative, effective connected products and solutions.


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