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Telco Exec M2M recruitment service sees major growth

Telco Exec M2M recruitment service sees major growth

Posted by IoT Now MagazineDecember 13, 2013

Since its full launch only a few months ago the telecoms talent hub Telco Exec ( has seen significant growth, and the site now reportedly outperforms almost all niche telecoms websites in terms of reader engagement statistics. This has led to an organic Google Search ranking of 10th for “Telecommunications Jobs” in less than eight weeks.

“This is proof that focused, high quality, unique content and a personal service is exactly what the professional job seeker wants,” says Telco Exec’s managing director, Jason Bandy. “Candidate registrations are growing fast and people and companies are starting to reap the rewards of this initiative.”

Over the coming months the company expects a growing number of telecoms companies to showcase their organisations on the site. Employers are using video, photography and imagery on the site to attract the rare talent that they require.

Telco Exec is getting the word out on recruitment in the Internet of Things (IoT), reportedly achieving the lowest bounce rates of all comparable sites “by a country mile”, says Bandy. The site is averaging five page views per visit and the average dwell time on the site now exceeds five minutes.

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