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Mobile technology powers real-time lead management and session tracking at CES

Mobile technology powers real-time lead management and session tracking at CES

Posted by Sue Pakenham-WalshJanuary 8, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts and Bethesda, Maryland, USA, January 7, 2014 – Wyless, the global M2M managed services provider and ITN International, the provider of mobile NFC and cloud-based event solutions, have announced that ITN is utilising the Wyless Managed Network to provide real time lead management and session tracking at the 2014 International CES, currently taking place in Las Vegas.

Using mobile devices connected to ITN’s cloud service through a secure private mobile network provided by Wyless, ITN’s solutions provide exhibitors real-time access to their leads and offer show organisers real-time insight into session attendance.

Attendees provide their contact information via NFC (near field communication) enabled badges. The exchange occurs when the attendee’s badge interacts with an NFC mobile device equipped with one of ITN’s apps. Attendee data is then uploaded in real time to the secure ITN cloud service over the Wyless network.

Ivan Lazarev, CEO, ITN International, said: “ITN is the recognised leader in cloud and NFC technology for the tradeshow industry. Organisers of major events such as CES, Mobile World Congress and MobileCON count on us to provide accurate, secure, reliable information exchanges that lead to quantifiable data and measurable results. With the Wyless Managed Network, we are ensuring that all our solutions have the secure and reliable wireless connectivity required to transmit attendee data for real-time session tracking and lead collection, at any conference, anywhere in the world”.

Dan McDuffie, CEO, Wyless, (pictured above) said“We are very pleased to be working with such innovative solutions utilising mobile technologies at the world’s most recognised trade shows for showcasing next generation mobile services, trade shows that we ourselves participate in as both exhibitor and attendee.”

“This is M2M and Internet of Things at its very best – devices interacting with millions of people in real time without us even thinking that the entire solution is enabled by cellular and cloud services. ITN and Wyless have a long-standing relationship where Wyless provides global, secure private cellular network access with flexible terms to the ITN system for trade show management, where security and global access are absolutely critical. From North America to Europe and Asia, the Wyless Global Network has enabled ITN to provide a leading solution to trade shows worldwide.”

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