Encore Networks and Wyless announce free 60-day turn-key 4G LTE wireless M2M starter kit

Encore Networks and Wyless announce free 60-day turn-key 4G LTE wireless M2M starter kit

Chantilly, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts, USA, January 28, 2014 – Encore Networks, a leader in M2M solutions for fixed and wireless communications, and Wyless, the global M2M managed services provider, have announced a programme providing a turn-key 4G LTE wireless M2M starter kit.

This kit will allow customers to develop and test industrial M2M applications, at no cost, before committing to a long term wireless data plan. The starter kit will include either a commercial grade or industrially hardened pre-configured Encore router, either an EN-4000™ or other Encore platform, depending on the application, complete with technical support and up to 500 Mbs of free data on the Verizon LTE Network, pre-paid for 60 days by Wyless.


“Both Encore and Wyless understand that every application has its own unique requirements and that customers need access to a wide range of highly specialised products and services backed by dedicated support,” stated Peter Madsen, President of Encore. “The kit we’ve developed addresses these requirements and provides network engineers the time and a risk-free approach to the challenges of deploying robust, scalable and secure M2M applications.”


The complete 4G wireless M2M starter Kit contains:


  • An Encore 4G broadband router
  • 1 or more Ethernet ports, multiple serial ports, copper line conversion, T1, fibre, MPLS
  • 4G LTE or 3G EVDO if applicable
  • Dual wireless carrier where appropriate, with multi-carrier coverage by Wyless
  • Diverse transport for wireline and wireless network access
  • Operates in harsh network environments from -40°c to +85°c
  • Free 60 day equipment and cellular air time trial
  • 500 Mbs pre-paid data plan
  • Application and engineering support
  • Wyless global managed wireless network service


The starter kit is an out-of-the-box solution that can be set up in minutes and provides customers with the tools needed to deploy mission critical M2M applications in:


  • Utilities/SCADA
  • Oil and gas
  • Waste and water
  • Financial
  • Transportation digital signage
  • Security
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise/business continuity
  • Local, state and federal government


“With the proliferation of higher bandwidth consuming applications and the rapid development of 4G/LTE, the wireless landscape is quickly evolving. Even the name M2M is changing to the ‘Internet of Things’,” said Dan McDuffie, President of Wyless. “This evolution is an exciting opportunity for both Wyless and Encore as we offer a smarter approach to the complexities of deploying and integrating legacy data and IP machines using wireless router technology and high-speed 4G connectivity.”


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