Axeda and Hytec provide security-compliant IoT platform for National Health Service in England


Foxboro, Massachusetts, USA — Axeda, a cloud-based services provider for building and deploying machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has launched technology and services to enable medical product manufacturers to deploy their connected products at hospitals and healthcare organisations in England.

Developed with Hytec, part of OLM Systems, Ltd., the N3 solution reportedly reduces the cost and complexity associated with connecting to the NHS network in a secure and compliant manner, and enables manufacturers to focus their time and efforts on their core business and on the development of new value-added services. The partners have achieved compliance with the National Health Service (NHS) N3 network guidelines for the protection of machine data.

The NHS requires compliance with clearly defined UK Department of Health standards and guidelines together with Data Protection legislation by applying Information Governance and IT security standards to the N3 network. The N3 Network is the private NHS national network linking hospitals, medical centres, and general practitioners in England, and is one of the largest Virtual Private Networks in Europe.

The Axeda and Hytec N3 Solution

The Axeda and Hytec N3 Solution is based on technology and services from each company. The solution supports Axeda agents and connected products via the NHS N3 Network. Hytec provides a hosting environment for the Axeda solution that meets the IT security and information governance requirements demanded by the NHS.  Hytec also works with medical device manufacturers to ensure that they also meet the security and governance requirements of the NHS.

The Axeda and Hytec solution is generally available and currently deployed by Axeda customers in England.  (To see a webinar video explaining the Axeda and Hytec solution, go to: Axeda Hytec Webinar Video.)

“In the era of the IoT, delivering leading edge solutions is a significant priority. Axeda is focused on providing customers with the solutions they need to confidently move forward with worldwide IoT deployments,” said Bill Zujewski, Axeda CMO.  “Our portfolio of cloud solutions allows our customers to address requirements and focus on growth.”


Bill Zujewski, Axeda
Bill Zujewski CMO of Axeda Corporation

“We are excited to be working with Axeda to enable essential support services to be delivered to specialised clinical equipment via a secure and compliant environment and to be helping Axeda’s clients with connections to N3 and via N3 to their clients,” said Alan Hunt, technical director, Hytec.

The Axeda Platform is a comprehensive M2M and IoT data integration and application development platform with infrastructure delivered as a cloud-based service. With proven scalability and security as well as reportedly powerful development tools and flexible APIs, you can quickly build and deliver custom IoT applications for the most demanding requirements and integrate M2M data into your key enterprise applications and systems.

Hytec offers a range of expertise in infrastructure design and managed hosting services. Hytec’s client base is largely formed of commercial organisations, local government and health authorities, usually where connection to external networks and compliance with security standards are required.

Hytec operates from offices in Oxford, London, Glasgow, and Newport. Axeda partners with Hytec to jointly deliver NHS N3 solutions because of their considerable experience of working with the NHS and the compliance requirements of the N3 and other HMG networks. Hytec is also an established provider of secure data centre facilities and Private and Community Cloud services. Hytec also offers specialised consultancy service from our team of CLAS and ISO lead auditor staff. Hytec is Certified to ISO 27001 (information security management systems) and ISO 9001 (Quality Management)

Axeda provides the most advanced cloud-based service and software for managing connected products and machines and implementing innovative M2M and Internet of Things solutions. It aims to reduce the cost and complexity of connecting and remotely servicing the products of the world’s leading companies. Customers use the Axeda Machine Cloud® to turn machine data into useful information, to build and run innovative M2M applications and optimise business processes by integrating machine data. The M2M solutions behind these connected products range from remote service, fleet management, and usage-based insurance, to asset tracking, and mHealth.

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