SAP survey shows Big Data gives customer insight and real-time offers for new CSP revenues

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March 10, 2014 — SAP has revealed highlights from its surveys at Mobile World Congress of mobile commerce and communication service providers (CSPs). The first of these surveys shows Big Data-driven Customer Insight, and the second underlines the pace of change in telecoms.

SAP’s survey assessed the market’s ability to unlock the value of big data. Real-time offers (36%) and better customer segmentation (27%) are expected to drive the most value from big data in 2014. However, the key challenges preventing operators and enterprises from fully unlocking the business potential of big data are security and privacy concerns (38%) and lack of big data expertise (28%).

  • ‘Killer app’ for mobile payments: Mobile top-up (31%) and retail payments (25%) are expected to drive the most widespread adoption of mobile payments among consumers.
  • Banks to lead mobile payment networks: 26% of mobile industry insiders still see banks as the key group to lead mobile payment networks, but existing online payment providers were not far behind with 25% of respondents anticipating the field will be led by a vendor like PayPal or iTunes.
  • LTE/4G business drivers: Increased data speeds for customers were top of mind among industry insiders, with 34% reporting speed would be the leading driver for LTE/4G business in 2014. Video broadcast services and movies on demand were a close second, according to 30% of those surveyed.

For more information go to:
SAP Survey of mobile commerce and network operators

Survey data reaffirms rapid market changes
in telecommunications industry

Highlights from SAP’s Telco survey include:

  • Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure from all sides: 68% of telco insiders reported that over-the-top (OTT) players, shifts in consumer behaviour or capital constraints posed the greatest threats to current telco business models.
  • Big Data is an important asset, but a strategy is lacking: While 70% of those surveyed said big data management was important to their companies, 40% did not have a strategy in place.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) implementation: The most critical factor to successful IoT implementation will be the ability to manage real-time data, events and alerts.

For more information on this telco survey go to: 
SAP releases survey of telecommunications industry


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