2020: M2M is the success factor for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things

Aachen, Germany – The 2013/14 M2M Alliance Yearbook, 2020: M2M is the success factor for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, is out now and provides an overview of developments, trends, points of view, aspects and opinions about M2M – and of the work being done by the M2M Alliance and its members.

The 96-page book focuses on reports from experts in the fields of business, politics and research about current trends and future scenarios in M2M communication. It also offers a retrospective of the activities of the M2M Alliance in 2013. A portrait of the board, examples of its member companies using M2M in practice and a comprehensive description of its members are all included in the M2M Yearbook.


Commenting on the Yearbook, Eric Schneider, Chairman of the M2M Alliance, said: “In 2000, Ericsson announced its vision of 50 billion networked devices by 2020 – and some considered them a laughing stock. More than a decade has passed and the question now is – what happened to that vision? What is the status of the M2M market nowadays and how will it further develop? In our current Yearbook there are answers to these questions, which reflect the path to M2M communication and the Internet of Things.”


The Yearbook is now available and can be ordered from the M2M Alliance.

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