Russian partnership agreement continues Risk Technology’s international expansion

Altrincham, UK – Risk Technology has further expanded its international reach with a new partnership in Russia. The fast growing telematics pioneer, has partnered with R-Telematica to launch a new product for both ‘smart’ insurance telematics and innovative fleet management services to the Russian market.

Russia is one of the next growth markets for the telematics industry with the registration of new vehicles now the second highest in Europe. R-Telematica, an innovative digital mapping and location based services (LBS) company, will capitalise on this expansion by launching a disruptive technology for both insurance and fleet markets,utilising Risk Technology’s state-of-the-art technology.

The insurance service will offer drivers a score based upon their driving and enable a pioneering approach to the nascent ‘smart’ insurance market. R-Telematica’s fleet services will focus on providing crash detection and vehicle diagnostic services for both small and large fleets.

The insurance offering is a self-installed, plug-and-play device that can be fitted in minutes by any driver. When fitted, it offers a wealth of diagnostic, maintenance and driving performance information. For fleet managers the device also provides analytical information and a safety feature that can accurately detect a crash.

Citical data is collected and controlled from the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) port, which supports all five engine OBD-II protocols and securely delivers the information to the Cloud. A highly sensitive 3-axis accelerometer measures driver behaviour whilst a parallel GPS/GNSS satellite location capability, together with Risk Technology’s sophisticated patented technology, can detect and analyse any impact to the vehicle.

Risk Technology’s innovative telematics solution detects driver behaviour by using core parameters such as vehicle speed, location, harsh cornering and braking together with time, environmental factors and impact data necessary for UBI policy rating and other consumer telematics services. Drivers can access their personal dashboard via a PC or smartphone enabling them to view their journeys and fuel efficiency, compare their driver score with other motorists, allocate business and private mileage for expense reporting and even see when their vehicle needs servicing. Additionally, for fleet management, the technology provides a raft of benefits including vehicle theft tracking and breakdowns as well as LBS and POI geofencing and vehicle diagnostics.


“We were chosen by R-Telematica to provide the front and end solution as well as our patented crash detection and vehicle diagnostics IP”, says Mark Packman, Managing Director at Risk Technology. “R-Telematica has blended our data collection and Cloud based solution with its own rich set of features using GIS, LBS and navigation services.”


CEO of R-Telematica, Dmitry Bakutin, said: “By using Risk Technology we have been able to differentiate our insurance and fleet telematics proposition with a disruptive technology that combines with R-Telematica’s innovation in Digital Mapping and LBS services. Using our new product will save motorists time and money and fleet managers will be able to gain operational efficiencies that will save costs on lower fuel usage and enable better vehicle utilisation”.

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